Let Regal Movies know you would like to see an Alita sequel!

Regal Movies wants to know what film you would like to see get a sequel. Let them know in the thread below:

Published by Tony

I'm one of many Alita: Battle Angel fans that make up the Alita Army. We began this campaign for a sequel in spring 2019 and we hope to be here to support this beloved character Alita for many years to come.

2 thoughts on “Let Regal Movies know you would like to see an Alita sequel!

  1. Captivated from the start of the film! Sure wish it were already part of a Trilogy in making, like LOTR was or Avatar–would definitely be in line on opening day!!


  2. Alita: Battle Angel is so inspiring and we need a sequel. Most people missing the symbolism in this movie. Masterpiece. This movie is so inspiring and motivates and teaches us about past life, new life, growth, first love, loss, and the battles in life and to continue fighting. It got me interested back into martial arts — which is a way of life. There’s a lot of symbolic meaning in the movie that you have to watch multiple times to fully grasp.


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