The Academy of Arts and Sciences adds Alita: Battle Angel’s Weta Digital artists as members

Congratulations to Nick Marc Epstein, Luca Fascione, and Mike Anthony Perry on being selected to be among 48 new members of @TheAcademy‘s Visual Effects branch.…

Nick, Luca, and Mike accomplished groundbreaking work on Alita: Battle Angel.

Hear the Weta artists explain why Alita was such an amazing accomplishment in the video below:

Former 20th Century Studios Executive Emma Watts Named President of Paramount Pictures

“The move reunites Gianopulos with Watts — the two worked together at 20th Century Fox for decades and enjoyed a close collaboration on hit franchises such as “Planet of the Apes” and “Kingsman.” It was Watts’ ability to oversee big, tentpole features that helped earn her the job.”


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Emma Watts moving to Paramount Pictures presents a great opportunity for the Alita: Battle Angel franchise to move forward at another studio. See the previous article covering Watts’ departure from 20th Century Studios here.

CinemaBlend: Hear Me Out: Why #AlitaBattleAngel Should Be One Of The Movies Helping To Reopen Theaters

“If the fans demand it, it could become a crucial reality that would push the cause of a potential sequel further.”


See the entire article and vote in the poll at the following link:

The Fundraiser For Feeding America and Action Against Hunger Has Ended.

$2,524 was raised and donated to feed the hungry. Thank you for your generous donations.

You can continue to buy supplies for the homeless through an Amazon wishlist. See more details at the following link:

Alita vs Parasite – Vote For Alita!

In the following Twitter post, Alita: Battle Angel is up against Parasite. Right now, Alita is behind with only 15% of the votes. You can make a difference but you only have 23 hours left to vote – so move quickly!

Trending Campaign For #AlitaFallenAngel On June 4th Canceled

From @dennis_won:

“Hey, #AlitaArmy, we have decided to cancel our Trending Push on June 4th at 1100 UTC for #/AlitaFallenAngel to honor a fallen man. There is a right time for everything, now is the time to mourn for the loss of a precious life and to stand together. We honor #GeorgeFloyd”

See what you can do to fight police brutality and help George’s family at the following link:

In Memory of George Floyd

George Floyd is an African American man who was killed by members of the Minneapolis Police Department May 25, 2020. The circumstances of his death while in police custody are shocking & disgusting. The country, and the world, are shaken by the video showing his last moments. Police brutality against African Americans must not be tolerated any longer.

Write the city & state officials and let them know that George’s death is unacceptable. They work for YOU.

Please help us ease the suffering of his surviving family members by donating to the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund.

Cinemablend Covers The Alita Army’s “#AlitaSequel” Billboard & Charity

“Part of the billboard’s message is indeed raising awareness for the #AlitaSequel campaign, but there’s another very important message. With Alita: Battle Angel star Rosa Salazar taking part in philanthropic efforts to battle the current health crisis, the Alita Army is planning to donate from this new fundraiser to the charities Feeding America and Action Against Hunger.”


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Read more about the campaign and charity fundraiser here.