Help the Alita Army Fly A Banner Over Disney HQ and Fund A New Bionic Arm For Charity!

From @MuscogeeCreek and @vladdie777: Fans of Alita: Battle Angel have been petitioning for a sequel since 2019, four and a half years later #AlitaArmy is still going strong! With confirmation from Producer Jon Landau and Director Robert Rodriguez that talks to make that dream a reality are underway, we feel the time is right to show Disney how much we need that sequel to finally happen! Let’s show them by flying a banner over Disney HQ in Los Angeles saying ‘#ALITASEQUEL’ and do some good while we’re at it by starting an Open Bionics Hero Arm fund!

Funds required: The quote for the banner is $1,115, we are estimating another $850 for a photographer and other additional costs. Once this has been covered, the fundraiser will be left open indefinitely to raise funds for someone whose life would be changed by an Open Bionics Hero Arm. The Platinum Hero Arm package comes to $16,695, bringing the complete campaign goal to $17,770.

We know this is a lot of money to raise and we expect it to take some time, but we believe we can do it if we keep promoting the campaign alongside our Alita fan activity over the coming months and years. Hopefully, we will get a big boost when Disney announces that sequel!

Back in 2020, Alita fans raised funds for a banner to fly above the Oscars with the message ‘#AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy’ and additionally raised funds for an Open Bionics Hero Arm. In 2022 that arm was finally delivered to a boy called Samuel, presented by Open Bionics ambassador Tilly Lockey.

Disclaimer: “The Alita Army” is not officially affiliated with either Open Bionics, Tilly Lockey, or the makers of Alita: Battle Angel.

Click the link below to go to the fundraiser page:

Screenrant: Jon Landau assures that talks are happening for Alita 2

In an interview with Screenrant, Jon Landau reveals that an Alita: Battle Angel sequel is being planned.

“Avatar: Way of Water would not be what it is but what we did for Alita. And now let’s put that back and give it back to Alita. We’re talking to Robert and talking to Rosa and all is good.”

Read the entire article at the link:

UPDATE: Jon Landau appears to confirm that an #AlitaSequel is in the works!

Producer Jon Landau Reveals Alita Sequel Talks Are Still Happening

According to, an Alita: Battle Angel sequel is still on the table.

“Have there been any conversations about ‘Alita’? Several, even in the last couple weeks,” James Cameron’s longtime producing partner, Jon Landau, told Insider during a press day for the digital release of “Avatar: The Way of Water.”

A video of the interview is below:

Jon Landau sent his photo of the L.A. Times #AlitaDay ad to “everybody at Disney”!

Cinemablend published an article titled: The Cool Way The Alita Army Inspired Avatar Producer Jon Landau To Continue Pushing Disney For A Sequel

In it, Jon Landau gave more insight to his actions following seeing the L.A. Times ad:

“There’s an ad from the Alita Army about doing the sequel. I couldn’t have timed it better. Did I send that to everybody at Disney? Absolutely, I did.”

Jon Landau’s Facebook post showing the #AlitaDay ad in the L.A. Times

Read the entire article HERE.

Radio KAOS episode #145: Avatar 2 and the Alita Sequel – Is the Worm Finally Turning?

Join us Saturday, December 17 at 9:00 pm UTC for Radio KAOS episode #145; we’ll be discussing how the potential success of Avatar: Way of Water will impact our push for an Alita: Battle Angel sequel!

How are you feeling about the chances of an Alita sequel now? Let us know in the comments.

“Alita” Co-producer Jon Landau Tells The Alita Army To “Keep It Up!”

Talking with Brandon Davis of, Jon Landau gave his reaction to seeing the #AlitaDay ad that the Alita Army took out in the L.A. Times.

“Alita Army! Way to go keep it up. I got, I tell you a funny story, I went back to Los Angeles. I’ve been in New Zealand for quite some time and I went back to Los Angeles over the summer and the day I was there, the first day back, I opened the Los Angeles Times and there’s an ad from the Alita Army in color and I was like, ‘There you go! Thank you. Keep it up!'”

We can be sure that our efforts has kept Alita’s hope for a sequel alive! Our work isn’t finished yet. We’ll continue to “pepper” Disney with our requests for an #AlitaSequel. Stay tuned for future campaign announcements.

GUNNM Creator Yukito Kishiro Attends The Avatar Way of Water Premier! Did Alita Sequel Talks Happen?

A tweet by @kas_movie informed us that Yukito Kishiro shared in a blog post details of his meeting with James Cameron and Jon Landau at the Avatar: Way of Water premier. It begs the question: Did they discuss plans for an Alita: Battle Angel sequel?

This may be another strong indication that plans for a sequel are moving forward. We still have to convince Disney to greenlight the sequel so don’t stop letting Disney know that you want it. Stay tuned for future campaign plans.

Below are more images from Kishiro’s blog: