The Alita: Battle Angel Life-Size Bust is coming to Shanghai Wonder Festival October 3rd and 4th 2020!

With the product reveal finally in sight, we can give the fundraiser for the bust that we are gifting to Rosa Salazar a final push! Also, GFM has told us that on September 30 this current fundraiser will not be able to accept new donations and that we’ll have to recreate it. Rather than do that, let’s instead try to meet our goal. If we can’t meet funding by September 30, there’s no need to worry, it’ll be recreated as a new fundraiser and we’ll just extend it that way. The blog page for the fundraiser is linked below – just click the image:


Request Alita: Battle Angel To Be Rereleased In Cinemark Theaters


@EnigmaSeekerX and @DMrkunst have begun contacting Cinemark Theatres with requests for Alita: Battle Angel to be re-released in their theaters. Hear EnigmaSeekerX’s explanation of what we should do and then decide how you’ll participate.

Contact Cinemark electronically at the following link:

Cinemablend Will Host An Alita: Battle Angel Watch Party For The Alita Army

The details on when are coming and we’ll update you as soon as we have them. If possible we’ll hold a live-stream on either YouTube or Twitch for the event. For now, please go to the Cinemablend tweet and show them your enthusiasm!

UPDATE: (9-21-20) The details are in from Cinemablend.

“Join @MrControversy83@CodyBeckSTL@gabeKovacs & @childe_dirk for an Alita: Battle Angel watch party THIS Thursday at 4 PST / 7 EST. #AlitaArmy Stream it on HBO Max!”

Cinemablend: Dredd And 8 Other Underrated Hero Movies

“Some of them came well before this era of hero movies, some came out smack dab in the middle and got lost in the mix.”

Alita: Battle Angel (2019) If you’re someone who frequents the online film community, you’re well familiar with the fact there’s an army of people fully on board with Alita: Battle Angel.”

Read more at the following link:…/dredd-and-8-other-underrated-…

#Alita #AlitaBattleAngel #AlitaSequel

Robert Rodriguez Shares A Cosplay Video Celebrating #AlitaDay

The Chief’s words and acknowledgement means a lot! You can bet word of what the Alita Army has been doing has spread to James Cameron, even if he is silent. Stay positive and stay motivated. We’ll get that #AlitaSequel.

Comment on Rodriguez’s tweet, linked below:

IMDb Fan Favorite That Starts With The Letter A: Alita: Battle Angel

Undoubtedly, the Alita Army had a hand in Alita making this list! What a great job you all have done keeping her sequel hopes alive!

See the tweet from IMDb below and show some love for Alita in the comments!