Help Us Place An Ad In The LA Times

@MuscogeeCreek (Gary Villeneuve) has set up a Go Fund Me to collect donations for an ad that we want to run in the LA Times. According to Gary and Charlie Schmidt, Darius Derakshan of the LA Times advertising department gave them a quote of $7.6k (without tax) for a 1/4 ad in the paper. TheyContinue reading “Help Us Place An Ad In The LA Times”

Prime 1 Studio Teases More Alita Collectibles Coming

At 7:00PM PST/ 10:00PM EST on May 21st, 2021, Prime 1 Studio will be having their “NEXT LEVEL SHOWCASE 2” on their YouTube channel. Their promo video is linked below. You can see Gally (Alita) teased at the 32 second mark. Subscribe to their YouTube channel so that you don’t miss it. UPDATE: Prime 1Continue reading “Prime 1 Studio Teases More Alita Collectibles Coming”

The Billboard & YouTube Ad Fundraiser For The Alita Re-release Has Ended Successfully

Thank you all for your contributions! With a total of $3,864, the campaign has been funded and is moving into the next phase. With $1587 going toward the billboard, the remaining funds will be split with 50% going to advertising the re-release on YouTube and the rest going to Feeding America.

20th Century Studios Promotes The Alita: Battle Angel Re-release

Another great sign of life in the Alita franchise! On October 16th, the social media accounts for 20th Century Studios posted in promotion the Alita: Battle Angel re-release. This is the first time the 20th Century Studios account made any mention of Alita in over a year. There are strong signs of life in theContinue reading “20th Century Studios Promotes The Alita: Battle Angel Re-release”

Radio KAOS ep #037: Alita’s Heritage (Film versus Manga) & Alita Re-release Campaign Updates

Join us LIVE at 5:00 pm EST this Saturday, October 17. We will be discussing Alita’s cultural heritage in the film. Rosa Salazar is on record multiple times saying that Alita is a Latina. What do you think? Will the films stray from the source material?