Radio KAOS ep #037: Alita’s Heritage (Film versus Manga) & Alita Re-release Campaign Updates

Join us LIVE at 5:00 pm EST this Saturday, October 17. We will be discussing Alita’s cultural heritage in the film. Rosa Salazar is on record multiple times saying that Alita is a Latina. What do you think? Will the films stray from the source material?

The #GoWatchAlita Billboard And YouTube Ad Campaign Launches

UPDATE (1/1/2020): The campaign has wrapped up. Please visit this page for details: We have fully launched our campaign to promote the re-release of Alita: Battle Angel at Cinemark and AMC Theaters (and possibly others). We will be paying for a billboard in Orlando, Florida. And, if we have enough funding, we will alsoContinue reading “The #GoWatchAlita Billboard And YouTube Ad Campaign Launches”

Radio KAOS ep #036: A Collectibles Discussion With “Gunnm Collectibles”

Join us LIVE this Saturday, October 10th at 5:00 pm EST on the Alita Army live-stream, “Radio KAOS”. We will be discussing collectibles for Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita). What’s the weirdest or most precious Gunnm/Alita collectible that you have, or want?

AMC Theaters Makes It Official: They’re Re-releasing Alita: Battle Angel

This is great news! Now Alita is being re-released by both Cinemark and AMC Theaters, two of the three largest theater chains in America. All eyes will be on Alita and her performance since the new blockbuster films have been delayed till next year, at least. If you’re excited for the news, let AMC TheatersContinue reading “AMC Theaters Makes It Official: They’re Re-releasing Alita: Battle Angel”

James Cameron Responds To The Alita Re-release

“We’re with you #AlitaArmy — Alita’s coming back to the big screen on October 30th.” This marks the first time James Cameron has ever acknowledged us, and here he even spoke directly to us. Remember October 7th. UPDATE: The official Alita movie account has also posted and shared the news of Alita: Battle Angel beingContinue reading “James Cameron Responds To The Alita Re-release”

Cinemark Tweets About The Alita Re-release, Rodriguez And Landau React

Rodriguez is on board with the re-release and so is Jon Landau, the co-producer of Alita: Battle Angel. It’s great to know that Rodriguez and Jon Landau are pleased with Alita being re-released. Cinemark has asked for our help in promotion by requesting 1,000 retweets on their tweet. That’s a given, actually. We should beContinue reading “Cinemark Tweets About The Alita Re-release, Rodriguez And Landau React”

CINEWORLD Has Not Yet Decided To Close Its Doors – Let’s Encourage Them To Stay Open

#AlitaArmy – it’s worth a try to email Cineworld ( and ask them to remain open to re-release Alita: Battle Angel. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take! Do it for Alita! Also, let Cineworld know in this thread that you want them to stay open! The Hollywood Reporter’s report: Read the HollywoodContinue reading “CINEWORLD Has Not Yet Decided To Close Its Doors – Let’s Encourage Them To Stay Open”