Digital Trends: The 17 best new movies to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO

“Produced by sci-fi legend James Cameron and directed by grindhouse stalwart Robert Rodriguez, Alita: Battle Angel is a high-octane, sci-fi thrill ride.” Digital Trends See the full article at the link below:

The #AlitaArmyAnniversary

March 18 (or even 17 based on your time zone), 2019 is when we started going by “the Alita Army” and using the hashtag “#AlitaArmy”. Even before we took up the name, we were a group of fans fervently supporting and promoting the Alita: Battle Angel movie. We’ll be around for as long as AlitaContinue reading “The #AlitaArmyAnniversary”

Cinemablend: 10 Stunning Action Movies To Stream While We Wait For No Time To Die

Alita: Battle Angel makes the list. Through the use of beautiful and hyper-realistic CGI, Alita: Battle Angel has some of the most well crafted and thought out action set pieces in any movie that came out during its year of release. Cinemablend See the full article at the link below:

Alita: Battle Angel is nominated for Media Play News’ Home Media Awards

ALITA NEEDS YOUR VOTES Media Play News presents the Home Media Awards. Alita: Battle Angel is nominated for several categories like Best AV quality, Best 4K UHD BR Disk, Best SciFi Home Release. Voting is open until April 3rd. Vote at the link below: Voting Is Open for the 2020 Home Media Awards

WhatCulture: 10 Incredible Sci-Fi Movie Universes We Need More Of

Alita: Battle Angel is #9 “Robert Rodriguez delivered a surprisingly big budget adaptation of the Gunnm manga, and it was actually quite good. It has cyborg hitmen, the floating cities of the rich, the ancient fighting style of Panzer Kunst, and Christoph Waltz trying his best to convince the world that he can wield aContinue reading “WhatCulture: 10 Incredible Sci-Fi Movie Universes We Need More Of”

The Alita Army Interviews David Sobolov, the voice of the Centurions in Alita: Battle Angel

Before our Alita: Battle Angel watch party began, we spoke to voice actor David Sobolov and asked him questions about his experience working on the Alita film. It was a great interview and a fun watch party. The video is linked below:

Rosa Salazar Makes The Top Five In The Critical Blast Poll: The Best Film Actor of 2019

Critical Blast held a contest that some of us voted in, and in the category of Best Film Actor of 2019, Rosa Salazar unfortunately didn’t win but she did make the top 5 with Joaquin Phoenix, Keanu Reeves, Brie Larson, and Taron Edgerton. See the full article at the link below:

An MMA fighter names herself after Alita: Battle Angel

MMA fighter, Liza Verzosa, spoke with Drake Riggs of “As for the “Battle Angel” moniker, it comes from the 1990s manga series which was recently turned into a feature film as of 2019, Alita: Battle Angel. Verzosa found herself connecting with the character and her spirit for fighting. Therefore the nickname was adopted.” WhoContinue reading “An MMA fighter names herself after Alita: Battle Angel”