Help Us Make Some Noise For Alita On Twitter!

To those who have a Twitter account, we need your help! Please quote tweet the following tweet to let the Academy know that you didn’t forget about Alita: Battle Angel getting snubbed for a VFX nomination in 2019.

Alita Anniversary Mass Tweet Event On February 13!

We normally do this every year on February 14 but this year we have our #GiveAlitaHerSequel banner flying on the 13th so it’s best to make that the day we also celebrate our 3rd #AlitaAnniversary.

Please join @AlitaArmy on Twitter for a day of tweeting out our desire for an Alita sequel on Feb 13!

Use “#GiveAlitaHerSequel” in your tweets. There’s no formal start time but we plan to tweet out a reminder at 7:00 am EST on Sunday. This is a relaxed event so tweet at your leisure. If we’re fortunate enough to trend, that would be great,but it’s not a loss if we don’t trend. Thanks and see you on Super Bowl Sunday!

To see the campaign page for the banner, click HERE.

#GiveAlitaHerSequel Banner Campaign Update: We’re Fully Funded!

We’ve raised the remaining funds needed for the child selected by Open Bionics to get their needed Hero Arm package and to pay for their clinic visits.

From @dennis_won:

We did it! I want to thank each and every one of you, from the one who shared the campaign to all the generous donors. All of us have contributed to changing a child’s life for the better. We have made a difference. Thank you. #AlitaArmy #GiveAlitaHerSequel

Campaign Update: We’re Less Than $4,000 Away From Our Final Goal

Our current total is $8,970. We’re making great progress and we still have until our February 13 deadline to reach our $12,641 goal. Thanks to a number of large donations over $1,000 each (wow!), we feel confident that we will reach our goal. Some of those who made – and will make – large donations would rather remain anonymous but they’re identities are known to us and we thank them!

Thanks to great ideas like the one from @AlitaRave above, we’re getting even closer to our final funding goal and that will allow us to cover all the expenses for the child selected by Open Bionics to receive a prosthetic arm. His idea to do matching donations will likely encourage even more people to donate. If you would like to give something, you can donate at the link below. Thank you in advance.