James Cameron Responds To The Alita Re-release

“We’re with you #AlitaArmy — Alita’s coming back to the big screen on October 30th.”

This marks the first time James Cameron has ever acknowledged us, and here he even spoke directly to us. Remember October 7th.

UPDATE: The official Alita movie account has also posted and shared the news of Alita: Battle Angel being re-released.

Cinemark Tweets About The Alita Re-release, Rodriguez And Landau React

Rodriguez is on board with the re-release and so is Jon Landau, the co-producer of Alita: Battle Angel.

It’s great to know that Rodriguez and Jon Landau are pleased with Alita being re-released.

Cinemark has asked for our help in promotion by requesting 1,000 retweets on their tweet. That’s a given, actually. We should be spreading the word as far as possible. So if you haven’t yet, please like and retweet the Cinemark tweet linked below:

CINEWORLD Has Not Yet Decided To Close Its Doors – Let’s Encourage Them To Stay Open

#AlitaArmy – it’s worth a try to email Cineworld (customer.services@cineworld.co.uk) and ask them to remain open to re-release Alita: Battle Angel. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take! Do it for Alita!

Also, let Cineworld know in this thread that you want them to stay open!

The Hollywood Reporter’s report:

Read the Hollywood Reporter article at the following link: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/cinema-giant-cineworld-says-decision-to-temporarily-close-u-s-u-k-theaters-not-yet-final

“Here’s Your Shot, #AlitaArmy,” Says The Managing Director of Cinemablend

The tweet was in reference to the post by Regal Movies announcing the date that Alita: Battle Angel will be re-released in theaters.

But we shouldn’t stop with Regal Movies (and the announcement by Cinemark), we should also press the biggest movie theater chain in North America, AMC Theaters. Strike while the iron is hot. And like Sean O’Connell said, “the right people are watching.” We need to send a message to AMC Theaters as well!

Get in there!

Radio KAOS Episode #035: Status of the Alita Sequel & Cinemark Alita Rerelease

Join us LIVE Saturday, October 3 at 5:00 pm EST on the Alita Army “Radio KAOS” live-stream. This week we’re discussing the status of the Alita sequel and what to do now that Alita is getting a re-release at Cinemark Theaters.

Alita: Battle Angel Coming Back To Cinemark Theaters! Details To Come.

The tweet storm on October 1, 2020 was a success. Thank you to all who participated.

UPDATE: The Cinemark website has been updated with a page for Alita: Battle Angel. We can probably expect showtimes to begin appearing in the next few weeks, starting at October 30, 2020. See the page here.

Robert Rodriguez has responded to the news of Alita being re-released: