Blogdojotace: FINALLY! Alita: Battle Angel Favorite on DVD and Blu-ray in Brazil!

“After being swallowed by the black hole of the Disney – FOX merger, Alita: Combat Angel, X-Men: Black Phoenix  and The Favorite FINALLY come out of limbo and arrive on DVD and Blu-ray here in Brazilian lands. And that was a fight that started there in 2019.

FINALMENTE! Alita: Anjo de Combate, X-Men: Fênix Negra e A Favorita em DVD e Blu-ray no Brasil!

@AlitaBrasil pushed hard for this for many months and it appears that they have finally found success.

Below is the link to the original campaign page:

Thank You For Helping To Make The #AlitaSequel Trending Event On July 23rd A Success

The following screenshot was taken around the middle of the day when we had almost 12,000 “#AlitaSequel” tweets in total.

Some good articles on the trend can be read at the links below:

Let’s Vote Alita into the next round!

Alita: Battle Angel needs your vote again!

Currently, Alita is trailing behind her competition – let’s turn this around!

Happy Birthday Rosa Salazar!

Thanks for being our Battle Angel!

Wish her a happy birthday at the link below:

Check out @ShadowWithout1’s awesome Rosa biography thread on Twitter:

Help the Alita Army Trend Again July 23, 2020!

Image by @Foxfire40900590

Event start: Thursday, July 23, 2020. 07:00 AM EST (11:00 UTC).

Hashtag: #/AlitaSequel


IMPORTANT: Use ONLY ONE hashtag. Do not use before event start.

There’s no mandate to tag any particular party. You may continue to tag either @DisneyStudios, @20thcentury, @jonlandau, or @JimCameron if you wish. If you would prefer to get the attention of @ParamountPics, then feel free to tag them in your tweets.

Spread the word!

The Queen Studios Alita: Battle Angel Bust Is Officially Available For Pre-orders

See more at the following link:

Cinemablend: Could An Alita: Battle Angel Sequel Find A Home At A Different Studio?

“… folks think that since Emma Watts and Jim Gianopulos kept Alita: Battle Angel alive for so long at their previous employer, they could pull a rabbit out of their collective hat and bring the project to Paramount.”

Read the entire article at the link below:

The Academy of Arts and Sciences adds Alita: Battle Angel’s Weta Digital artists as members

Congratulations to Nick Marc Epstein, Luca Fascione, and Mike Anthony Perry on being selected to be among 48 new members of @TheAcademy‘s Visual Effects branch.…

Nick, Luca, and Mike accomplished groundbreaking work on Alita: Battle Angel.

Hear the Weta artists explain why Alita was such an amazing accomplishment in the video below:

Former 20th Century Studios Executive Emma Watts Named President of Paramount Pictures

“The move reunites Gianopulos with Watts — the two worked together at 20th Century Fox for decades and enjoyed a close collaboration on hit franchises such as “Planet of the Apes” and “Kingsman.” It was Watts’ ability to oversee big, tentpole features that helped earn her the job.”


Read the entire article at the following link:

Emma Watts moving to Paramount Pictures presents a great opportunity for the Alita: Battle Angel franchise to move forward at another studio. See the previous article covering Watts’ departure from 20th Century Studios here.