Prime 1 Studio Previews “Alita Rusty Angel” Statue!

The showcase is live on YouTube right now. You can watch it HERE.

The tweet previewing the statue from Prime 1 Studios is below:

Update: We have video of the planned model uploaded to our YouTube channel:

@Prime1Studio has launched their page for the “Alita Rusty Angel” statue:

Jon Landau reacts to the “Alita Day” LA Times ad

“Arrived in LA for a couple of days and opened the L.A. Times saw this. Thanks #alitaarmy”

The page for the campaign announcement is at the following link:

It’s #AlitaDay and the ad for Alita Day is in the LA Times!

Below are tweets and Instagram posts with images of the ad that is running in the LA Times today on “Alita Day”!

The campaign announcement page is at the following link:

Help Us Place An Ad In The LA Times

One of the first ad concepts by Johnny Sci-Fi that wasn’t chosen in the end.

@MuscogeeCreek (Gary Villeneuve) has set up a Go Fund Me to collect donations for an ad that we want to run in the LA Times. According to Gary and Charlie Schmidt, Darius Derakshan of the LA Times advertising department gave them a quote of $7.6k (without tax) for a 1/4 ad in the paper. They must have the ad and the payment submitted three working days before it’s due to run, which is September 9, 2022. That puts our deadline to raise the money at September 2 (the last working day before the actual deadline). The ad will run for one day.

The chosen design by @inkedrescuer. Thanks to @johnnyscifi for his entries as well.

We want the ad to run on September 9 because that is what we have deemed “Alita Appreciation Day”, or simply “Alita Day”. Alita’s number is 99 so what better day to celebrate our love for the character than on 9/9? You can find out more about our plans for Alita Day and see how you can participate HERE.

A promotion for Alita Day (#AlitaDay)

The reason that the LA Times was chosen for our ad was that we believe there’s a very good chance that it will be seen by Disney executives. The hope is that they will be impressed by Alita’s fanbase and greenlight an Alita: Battle Angel sequel. The ad will also point readers of the LA Times to the sequel petition and will result in more people signing it. Fans of Alita: Battle Angel will also learn about the campaign for a sequel and join us, adding to the pressure on Disney to greenlight an Alita sequel.

Any funds raised over our goal will be donated to a charity chosen by Creek Indian. Please contact him for details.

You may donate to the fundraiser HERE or by clicking the image below. Thank you for your support!

UPDATE: the ad has ran in the L.A. Times and has been responded to by Jon Landau. See more HERE.