Radio KAOS Ep #052: The Screenplay of Alita: Battle Angel – Nuanced Perfection!

Those who look beyond the astonishing CGI in Alita: Battle Angel know that there is a poetic nature in its storytelling. Come discuss it with us Saturday, February 6, at 4:00 pm EST.

What’s your favorite part of #Alita’s storytelling? Comment and let us know!

Check Out This Awesome Miniature “Battle Angel Starship” Taking Off!

Gamerant: 10 Best Films Featuring Dystopian & Cyberpunk Futures, Ranked

Gamerant gives their list of the top 10 dystopian and cyberpunk films – Alita is #9.

“There are plenty of action scenes in this movie, and Alita turns out to be a very interesting and likeable character.”

You can read the entire article at the following link:

Cinemablend: Why Now Would Be A Great Time For The Alita Sequel To Get Picked Up By Another Studio

Mike Reyes of Cinemablend tells us why he believes that not only is this the best time for Alita to go to another film studio but there is reason to hope that it could happen.

Paramount’s recent acquisition of Spamalot, after the fully-developed picture languished on the Disney lot, shows that both parties might be amenable to future deals. But Paramount adding pieces of the Fox apparatus one by one feels like the reunion of former co-workers, which could make for promising developments in the world of Alita: Battle Angel if the fans are loud enough.”

Read the entire article at following link:

Alita: Battle Angel Flyers Are Going Up Around The World!

Inspired by a mysterious Alita: Battle Angel poster stapled to a poll by an unknown person, the Alita Army is finding people around the world to help put Alita flyers up in time for the two-year anniversary of the release of Alita in theaters. The original tweet mentioned can be seen below:

The Alita: Battle Angel flyer in question mysteriously stapled to a poll

Inspired by this, @Foxfire40900590 organized a campaign to have people around the world post (and hand out) Alita flyers, with the most recent ones featuring the date of the Alita anniversary. Perhaps, you might want to join in. See further details at the tweet below:


UPDATE: Someone on Twitter appreciates the flyers that were put up for the 2nd Alita Anniversary.

The Two-Year #AlitaAnniversary Is Less Than Two Weeks Away!

Get on social media, or in the street (where ever you prefer), and let people know that you still love this amazing sci-fi film and that you want an Alita sequel! Create videos. Create paintings. Express your love for Alita: Battle Angel how you choose.

If you would like to get “#AlitaAnniversary” trending on February 14, see the following tweet for details on how you can help that happen:

Let’s Put Alita On The Moon! Mr. Beast Bought Space On A Rover!

@fkn3: #AlitaArmy looks like a good opportunity to promote #AlitaBattleAngel in 20 minutes from this tweet. Look at the title of Mr Beasts’ latest livestream

Mr. Beast isn’t just giving away his space on a lunar rover; it’s going to cost us. On his website is an offer to buy the space. Watch the video to find out how:

Visit his site at the following link:

This seems like a great opportunity for the Alita Army to promote Alita. If you participate, let us know so that we can share the details.

Alita: Battle Angel’s Keean Johnson Says He’d Love To Return

Keean Johnson spoke to TooFab and said that he would love it if his character Hugo could return to the #Alita franchise somehow.

As of now, we have no official word on if there will be an Alita prequel series on Disney Plus or if there will be an Alita: Battle Angel sequel, and we are approaching the two year anniversary of the release of the original film (the “Alita Anniversary”). We will keep you updated if we hear anything new. In the meantime, please remember to share the sequel petition far and wide: click HERE to go to the petition.