Movie Watchers In France Praise “Alita: Battle Angel” After Its Television Debut reports that viewership of Alita: Battle Angel was high enough to make the French television channel TF1 the top amongst its competition on the evening of October 24th. A video on this is available to watch in the French language.

Here’s a person on Twitter who has a screenshot of the channels ranked by viewers for Sunday:

The screenshot:

Many people who missed Alita in theaters (and some who are watching the film again for the first time in a long time) are expressing their love for the film on Twitter. Here are just a few that we’ve seen:

The above is translated: “‘Alita: Battle Angel’ seen I was afraid to be too disturbed by the design and the effects but in fact he is really beautiful and cool Well I found some scenes / details a bit meh but it’s minimal”

The above is translated: “I had shunned its release to the cinema and I am greatly regretting it by discovering this evening for the first time #AlitaBattleAngel!!”

Alita: Battle Angel is proving to be a film that will eventually become the phenomenon that it should have been at its release – better late than never! Such bursts in interest in Alita and evidence of how well the film is performing on streaming and television will make Disney take notice.

If you want an Alita: Battle Angel sequel, let @Disney know how much you want it. Sign and share the sequel petition. And stay tuned for more campaigns from the Alita Army so that you can join in and play an active role in making an Alita: Battle Angel sequel happen. 5 Films That Were Hurt By Changing Directors (& 5 That Were Improved)5 Films That Were Hurt By Changing Directors (& 5 That Were Improved)

“While Cameron focused on his Avatar movies, the empowering Alita: Battle Angel was praised as the best Hollywood anime adaptation to date.”

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“With her fighting style called Panzer Kunst, Alita has defeated her fair share of enemies more skilled than Samus in hand-to-hand.”

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As a result of the Twitter poll that Alita won recently, wrote an article featuring five Sci-Fi films that are a must-see on a big screen. Alita was listed as #1, per the results of the poll.

The author of the article at wrote about Alita and highly recommended the film. This is great news because Japan is a place where Alita: Battle Angel did not perform as well as it should have, especially considering that it is a manga adaptation.

James Cameron, who has been eager to make a movie for many years, was involved in the script and production of the Japanese blockbuster sci-fi manga ‘Battle Angel Alita’, which has many fans both in Japan and overseas , and is a cyborgized heroine except for the brain. “Alita” is a blast.”

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WGTC Reports: “Alita: Battle Angel” Performing Well This Week On Disney Plus (Canada)

“…audiences are clearly still enraptured, with the sci-fi epic [Alita: Battle Angel] playing incredibly well on Disney Plus all week, as per FlixPatrol.

Alita: Battle Angel performing well on VOD is key to a sequel being green-lighted because it shows Disney that there is interest in the property. It’s tangible evidence that there is value in continuing the franchise. You can read the entire article by We Got This Covered here.

This Might Be The Most Epic “Alita: Battle Angel Hot Toy” Unboxing Video Ever

These guys put an incredible amount of effort into this unboxing video. Not only is it well produced but it’s hilarious and – suddenly – deeper than expected. It’s not a short video but in order to feel the full effect of the ending, watching the entire video is recommended!

Screenrant: 10 Of The Greatest Guilty Pleasure Movies, According To Ranker

Some of you, particularly those on Twitter and Facebook, may recall the trouble that the Alita Army had with Ranker in 2019. The site is not above removing up-votes for films when it believes the fans are too in favor of a film – or maybe just the wrong film. However, according to, Alita: Battle Angel was ranked 7 on a list of “guilty pleasure” films. The Alita Army would argue that Alita was a great film and a classic. But this goes to show that the film is loved by many who – for whatever reason – refuse to admit it.

“[Alita] is the most recent film considered a true guilty pleasure, thanks to its big ambitious plot that had fans praising it even though the reviews weren’t great at the time of release.”

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