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Join us in helping our beloved Battle Angel get the sequel she deserves! On September 9th it is ALITA DAY. Start getting your tweets ready for the event starting 4PM UTC. #GiveAlitaHerSequel #AlitaDay are the hashtags. says BLADE RUNNER: BLACK LOTUS Feels More Like Battle Angel Alita Than Blade Runner

As some of us have already pointed out on Twitter, BLADE RUNNER: BLACK LOTUS looks extremely derivative of Battle Angel Alita.

It’s good to see that fans of Alita aren’t the only people who have picked up on the similarities between Alita (sometimes called Ali in the live-action film) and Elle.

“It feels more like Battle Angel Alita to me. Even the main character Elle has heavy shades of Alita. It’s hard to tell whether she’s inspired by her, or if she’s a direct clone. I really hope it doesn’t end up being the latter. While I like Battle Angel Alita, I’m not a fan of cloning characters into another series aside from as cameos. It just feels a bit lazy to me.”

You can read the entire article at the following link:

Radio KAOS ep #075: The First Ever Gunnm/Alita: Battle Angel Trivia Competition!

Join us Saturday, July 31 at 9:00 pm UTC for Radio KAOS episode 75. We’ll be having our our first ever Gunnm/Alita: Battle Angel Trivia Competition.

What is the most unusual, trivial thing you know about Alita: Battle Angel/Gunnm? Tell us below:

Central Texas Educators Visit The Alita: Battle Angel Movie Set

For those wondering if the Alita: Battle Angel set was still standing – it is. Hosted by the Texas Film Commission, middle school and high school educators got a tour of the set located at Robert Rodriguez’s Trouble Maker Studios. Read more about it at the linked tweet below:

Voice Your Opinion In This Twitter Thread, Alita Army!

Lights, Camera, Pod asks: What is the most rewatchable movie or series of all time?

We know the answer to that, as far as films go. Get in there and remind them that the Alita Army is still pushing for an Alita sequel!