Eiga.com Publishes An Article For The Results Of The Twitter Poll That Alita Won

As a result of the Twitter poll that Alita won recently, Eiga.com wrote an article featuring five Sci-Fi films that are a must-see on a big screen. Alita was listed as #1, per the results of the poll.

The author of the article at Eiga.com wrote about Alita and highly recommended the film. This is great news because Japan is a place where Alita: Battle Angel did not perform as well as it should have, especially considering that it is a manga adaptation.

James Cameron, who has been eager to make a movie for many years, was involved in the script and production of the Japanese blockbuster sci-fi manga ‘Battle Angel Alita’, which has many fans both in Japan and overseas , and is a cyborgized heroine except for the brain. “Alita” is a blast.”

You can read the entire article at the following link: https://note.com/eiga_com_style/n/n438cc6e05e4a

Published by Tony

I'm one of many Alita: Battle Angel fans that make up the Alita Army. We began this campaign for a sequel in spring 2019 and we hope to be here to support this beloved character Alita for many years to come.

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