Could “Dune” Be Lowering The Bar For Box Office Success In A Post-Covid Era?

After Scott Mendelson of Forbes suggested that Dune could be a “Box Office Game Changer”, the Observer followed up on the idea in a recent article. Speaking to Scott to get more of his take, the Observer reports that Mendelson compared Dune’s projected box office earnings with other blockbuster films. “$41 million is bigger than the three-day number for ‘Alita: Battle Angel’…” Scott told the Observer.

The Observer notes: “In a best case scenario, Mendelson sees Dune earning around $110 million domestic. If it dives in its second weekend, then we’re probably looking at $85 million in the U.S. Based off these early numbers, the film is tracking at between $360 million and $410 million worldwide by the end of its run.”

As Scott Mendelson asks in his article for Forbes, “Would that meet pre-Covid justifications for a sequel? We’re still waiting on a sequel to Alita…”

Dune’s projected numbers are comparable to the box office earnings of Alita: Battle Angel. Alita made only $85,838,210 domestically and ended with a worldwide total of $401,900,040 according to The Numbers. Dune has already gotten a greenlight for a sequel before its second week; if this does lower the bar for success required to warrant a sequel, then Disney could look more favorably at giving Alita: Battle Angel a sequel.

What are you thoughts? Should Dune’s performance influence Disney’s decision-making on an Alita: Battle Angel sequel?

Published by Tony

I'm one of many Alita: Battle Angel fans that make up the Alita Army. We began this campaign for a sequel in spring 2019 and we hope to be here to support this beloved character Alita for many years to come.

2 thoughts on “Could “Dune” Be Lowering The Bar For Box Office Success In A Post-Covid Era?

  1. It’s amazing how early and at what low cash register Dune gets a sequel. But I’m afraid it won’t have a positive impact on Alita. I’ve come to believe that influential people just don’t want an Alita sequel.


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