This Might Be The Most Epic “Alita: Battle Angel Hot Toy” Unboxing Video Ever

These guys put an incredible amount of effort into this unboxing video. Not only is it well produced but it’s hilarious and – suddenly – deeper than expected. It’s not a short video but in order to feel the full effect of the ending, watching the entire video is recommended!

Radio KAOS ep #082: Major Kusanagi and Alita switch places – Who fairs better, and why?

Join us Saturday, September 18 at 9:00 pm UTC on the Alita Army live-stream, Radio KAOS. We’ll be discussing the protagonists of Battle Angel Alita and Ghost In The Shell, and asking, “If the Major and Alita switched places, who would fair better.”

Queen Studios Wants Your Feedback

Queen Studios is reaching out to the #AlitaArmy specifically to know how they can improve their products in the future. Queen Studios is the maker of the Alita: Battle Angel life-sized bust. Their tweet is below: Please visit the following link and fill out the Google Docs form to leave them feedback: