David Sobolov will be signing an Alita print at a virtual convention

@AlitaArmy @AlitaMovie fans… Hope to see you Saturday at 1pm Pacific, live on Instagram @volobos – I'll be signing this print for Alita fans and answering your questions. Preorder at https://t.co/H7z4XkiF0U @StreamilyLive pic.twitter.com/R3VKsrjlAl — David Sobolov (@volobos) August 17, 2020

#AlitaArtContest 2020

Since 9/9 is #AlitaAppreciationDay (#AlitaDay) again, we want to call all fans of #AlitaBattleAngel and all members of #AlitaArmy to create beautiful #Alita related art. Post with the hashtag: #AlitaArtContest – the best piece will be picked as the winner. No prize – but love and joy. RULES: Art must be submitted by 9PM UTCContinue reading “#AlitaArtContest 2020”

Alita vs Parasite – Vote For Alita!

In the following Twitter post, Alita: Battle Angel is up against Parasite. Right now, Alita is behind with only 15% of the votes. You can make a difference but you only have 23 hours left to vote – so move quickly! GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME: PART 12010sR1 | Match #25 [3] Parasite (2019) –Continue reading “Alita vs Parasite – Vote For Alita!”

Order Customizable Shoes With Alita: Battle Angel Designs

Customize your own shoes at the following link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001061802429.html?trace=wwwdetail2mobilesitedetail&aff_platform=portals-tool&sk=_dXzANRl&aff_trace_key=a0ade189a0864bf29edfa4428099282e-1590596491309-03990-_dXzANRl&terminal_id=38a8934ceb6346b983f8f98fdaec4085&tmLog=new_Detail&aff_request_id=a0ade189a0864bf29edfa4428099282e-1590596491309-03990-_dXzANRl

The Alita Army is sponsoring Tilly Lockey’s biographical animation project

Tilly Lockey was having her life-story put into an animated video by Minute Videos but due to a lack of funding caused by COVID-19 needs help with funding the second part. She requests your help in the video below: Update: The fundraiser has reached its goal and has been deactivated. Thank you for your generosity.Continue reading “The Alita Army is sponsoring Tilly Lockey’s biographical animation project”

Rosa Salazar’s Charity Work During COVID-19 Pandemic

Rosa Salazar has been doing charity work over the past week and making mention of it in her Instagram stories. In the picture below, we see her carrying bags of food for homeless people: Since she shared this information, people had begun inquiring about how they could help. And so Rosa posted directions in anContinue reading “Rosa Salazar’s Charity Work During COVID-19 Pandemic”

Rosa Salazar Has A Special Request For The Alita Army

Rosa posted an Instagram story Tuesday, May 5th (Cinco de Mayo), requesting the Alita Army assist her in supporting the work of Karla Cornejo Villavicencio (@kcornv), the author of The Undocumented Americans. If you can help her in the way that she has asked, she will share your posts. I have typed out the wordsContinue reading “Rosa Salazar Has A Special Request For The Alita Army”