Help us trend #WatchAlita

Alita: Battle Angel is criminally overlooked! Help us get the word out by trending. Event start: Saturday, April 25, 2020. 07:00 AM EST (11:00 UTC). Hashtag: (#)WatchAlita Countdown: Rules: Only use one hashtag. Do not use before event start. Follow @AlitaArmy on Twitter for updates. Not only will we be trying to trend thatContinue reading “Help us trend #WatchAlita”

The #AlitaArmyAnniversary

March 18 (or even 17 based on your time zone), 2019 is when we started going by “the Alita Army” and using the hashtag “#AlitaArmy”. Even before we took up the name, we were a group of fans fervently supporting and promoting the Alita: Battle Angel movie. We’ll be around for as long as AlitaContinue reading “The #AlitaArmyAnniversary”