Get Ready For The 2nd #AlitaArtContest

@vladdie777: “#AlitaArmy it’s time to sharpen your pencils again for the next #AlitaArtContest! Alita is THE most beautiful work of art and has inspired so much stunning fan art. Try to create something for her no matter your skill level, it’s just for fun! We will all vote May 2nd!” See the poster below forContinue reading “Get Ready For The 2nd #AlitaArtContest”

Cinemablend Will Host An Alita: Battle Angel Watch Party For The Alita Army

The details on when are coming and we’ll update you as soon as we have them. If possible we’ll hold a live-stream on either YouTube or Twitch for the event. For now, please go to the Cinemablend tweet and show them your enthusiasm! UPDATE: (9-21-20) The details are in from Cinemablend. “Join @MrControversy83@CodyBeckSTL@gabeKovacs & @childe_dirkContinue reading “Cinemablend Will Host An Alita: Battle Angel Watch Party For The Alita Army”

Help us trend #WatchAlita

Alita: Battle Angel is criminally overlooked! Help us get the word out by trending. Event start: Saturday, April 25, 2020. 07:00 AM EST (11:00 UTC). Hashtag: (#)WatchAlita Countdown: Rules: Only use one hashtag. Do not use before event start. Follow @AlitaArmy on Twitter for updates. Not only will we be trying to trend thatContinue reading “Help us trend #WatchAlita”

The #AlitaArmyAnniversary

March 18 (or even 17 based on your time zone), 2019 is when we started going by “the Alita Army” and using the hashtag “#AlitaArmy”. Even before we took up the name, we were a group of fans fervently supporting and promoting the Alita: Battle Angel movie. We’ll be around for as long as AlitaContinue reading “The #AlitaArmyAnniversary”