You can now read many of the world’s top manga on your Nintendo Switch using InkyPen, the All-You-Can-Read comic subscription service. InkyPen has joined forces with Kodansha USA Publishing, purveyors of some of the world’s most recognized manga properties, to bring All-You-Can-Read manga to its subscription catalog, retailing at 7.99USD per month.(Newsarama)

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The Movie Cellar Presents: The Alita Episode!

The Movie Cellar: “THE ALITA EPISODE!!! Here it is, Cellar Dwellers, the long awaited, awesome mega super special bonus episode celebrating our awesome friends, Kings of #VHS4T1D, Gods of the Show, #AlitaArmy! Huge thanks to @OptimizticOzzie for joining us to talk Alita, T1D, and more! #PodNation”

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“The unbridled ambition of Alita is intoxicating, even if it goes by so fast that it’s not always 100% effective.

Keeping all this madness together is Rosa Salazar, giving a truly remarkable motion capture performance that evolves as her body upgrades, in a film that capably uses blockbuster action storytelling as a trans parable.”


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20th Century (Fox) seemingly abandoning HDR10+ in favor of Dolby Vision

“In 2019, 20th Century Fox released its first movie in Dolby Vision (besides HDR10+), Alita Battle Angel, but many saw it as an outlier due to director James Cameron’s wishes. Now that Disney has taken full control… it has seemingly also set in motion a transition away from HDR10+ to Dolby Vision.”

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“Suck My (Fan) Fic.” Podcast Discusses Alita: Battle Angel After The Movie Cellar Poll

As a result of the Alita vs John Wick poll, “suck my (fan) fic.” podcast have discussed Alita: Battle Angel. They have promised to make a part 2 because one of the podcast members is interested in watching Alita: Battle Angel now.

Tweet quote: “our newest episode is finally out now!thanks to The Movie Cellar we learned about the #AlitaArmy and their passion for #AlitaBattleAngel so we decided to give it a look! we actually will have an #AlitaSequel too!”

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