#AlitaSequel Banner Over the 92nd Oscars / Charity Drive

Please read carefully: To show how passionate the Alita: Battle Angel fan base is and to give the film studios faith that an Alita sequel will be successful, we want to fly a banner with “#AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy” over the red carpet at the Academy Awards for three hours. The quote we have for the banner to fly is $1,810. Our deadline is Wednesday, January 29, 2020.

But we don’t want to stop there. We also want to raise money that will benefit amputees. Our stretch goal is $4,000.  Money funded over $1,810 will be donated to Open Bionics.  If we fail to meet our first financial goal of $1,810, all of the donations that we received will be given to Open Bionics. Open Bionics develops affordable prosthetic limbs for amputees.  Their mission is “to make beautiful bionic limbs more accessible.”

Why we chose Open Bionics: When thinking of a good cause to work for, we remembered the partnership that the Alita: Battle Angel movie design team had made with Open Bionics. Together, they designed an affordable Alita: Battle Angel themed cover for prosthetic arms. One of these designs were modeled by Tilly Lockey at the premier of the Alita film where she met lead actress Rosa Salazar, whom she took many photos with.

This was our first exposure to both Tilly Lockey and Open Bionics. Her story warmed our hearts and we became fans of not just Alita, but also of Tilly who in an inspirational way we see as a real “battle angel”.

See Tilly Lockey’s story in the following video:

Alita: Battle Angel | Tilly’s Miracle – Open Bionics | 20th Century FOX

We would love to help other young people like Tilly be able to receive cool prosthetic arms. So we have decided to give all funds beyond what we need to fly the banner to Open Bionics so that they can bring some much needed assistance and joy to the world.

Update: The plane on it’s way to the Oscars and Disney HQ:

The Alita Army on YouTube Announcement: RADIO KAOS (January 11, 2020 05:00 PM GMT)

by @Foxfire40900590

Why are we so passionate about Alita?

It’s because we don’t stand by in the absence of a sequel. This is the voice of the Badlands. Radio K.A.O.S

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January 7, 2019 – News for the New Year

The Latino Entertainment Journalists Association (LEJA) has announced nominees for its second annual Latino Entertainment Film Awards. 

Rosa Salazar is nominated for Best Voice or Motion Capture Performance.

Alita: Battle Angel is nominated for Best VFX. (The link 404’d so screenshots are provided)

Austin Film Critics Association Announces 2019 Award Finalists

#AlitaBattleAngel is nominated for Best Motion Capture/Special Effects Performance. https://austinchronicle.com/daily/screens/2020-01-03/austin-film-critics-association-announces-2019-award-finalists/

Reel Anarchy Staff Pick Their Top 10 Best Movies Of 2019

#AlitaBattleAngel comes in at #2 overall on this list.  https://reelanarchy.com/reel-anarchy-staff-pick-their-top-10-best-movies-of-2019/amp/?__twitter_impression=true… 

Forbes: ‘Alita,’ ‘Cats’ And The Most Underrated Movies Of 2019

Scott Mendelson says of Alita: “The dialogue is 90% exposition and the film’s idea of feminism is straight out of the 1990’s, but the damn movie works because Alita herself is such an entertaining character.” https://forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2020/12/31/alita-battle-angel-cats-stuber-maleficent-brightburn-underrated-movies-of-2019/amp/

The Film Stage: Jason Ooi’s Top 10 Films of 2019

Alita: Battle Angel: “With her innocence and unbridled sense of duty, the heroine at the center is a strong mascot for self-actualization in such socially stratified times.” https://thefilmstage.com/jason-oois-top-10-films-of-2019/

Indiewire reports on the Oscar VFX Bake-Off that took place Saturday:

“Faring surprisingly well, though, was Robert Rodriguez’s “Alita: Battle Angel” (which Disney acquired from Fox), thanks to Weta Digital’s impressive humanoid cyborg (Rosa Salazar)” 

NOTE: The article indicates that The Lion King (an animated film) will be favored to win the Oscar for Best VFX.


‘The Lion King’ and ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Lead VES Awards with Five VFX Nominations

The VES Awards will be held January 29th at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.


The Hollywood Reporter: “Alita: Battle Angel, Avengers: Endgame, Gemini Man, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and The Lion King are the nominees in the Visual Effects Society’s top category of outstanding visual effects in a photoreal feature.” https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/lists/2020-visual-effects-society-awards-nominations-full-list-1265672

Hong Kong box office down by 2% in year of protests. Alita: Battle Angel is among the top 10 non-Hong Kong films in 2019. https://www.screendaily.com/news/hong-kong-box-office-down-by-2-in-year-of-protests/5145988.article

Cinemablend: Cameron responded to criticisms of Alita’s big eyes saying, “Fuck the haters… We’re going to go bigger on the eyes, and that’s how we’re going to do it.”


🎊Happy New Year!🎊

Image shared by @Bunpaku on Twitter

It’s been almost a full year since Alita: Battle Angel released in theaters (February 2019) and this community of Alita fans came together. While there still hasn’t been a sequel announcement yet, we’re remaining positive and motivated. We have some big plans coming up for 2020. Stay tuned, Hunter Warriors.

The Alita Sequel Petition

“I’m calling on you now, my Hunter Warrior brothers.” – Alita

Click here to go to the petition

Do these petitions help? Here’s what Cinemablend says:

“The petition started by Phillip Grube was created when Alita was in its second weekend in theaters with the express goal of demonstrating to the powers that be like James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez that there was enough fan interest and desire to make a sequel film.

Petitions like these don’t do much as far as affecting change in a direct way, but what they can do is symbolize public interest in a particular cause. This is a way for Alita fans to demonstrate that they want to see Alita 2, with the idea being that the people and corporate entities with the power to greenlight the sequel see this petition and get the message that another movie is a viable proposition.”


See the Alita: Battle Angel trailer below:


The following is a letter written by @StarOfElyon detailing how The Independent libeled The #AlitaArmy. The smear article against the #AlitaArmy was unprovoked and extremely damaging to our reputation. In the letter are links to proof of The Independent writer’s (Adam White) lies. The Independent refused to retract the smear article but they did edit it a number of times to lessen the degree of defamation against the #AlitaArmy. The archive of the original article will reveal those edits and expose The Independent’s guilt.


Hi. My name is Tony.  I’m @StarOfElyon on Twitter. I’m writing to see if I can get you involved in helping clear the name of the online community, which I’m a part of, called #AlitaArmy. We were wrongly linked to the “alt-right” by Adam White who writes for The Independent.  The “opinion” that he published was defamatory and contained bad interpretations of events that happened on Twitter. I was referred to in The Independent’s article by Adam White as someone who made an “attack video” against a female journalist that wanted to interview us. He ignored important details that were public knowledge to create his narrative that she was “maliciously attacked”. I will even provide you with links to proof that the Independent’s article is a lie.

Before I post the links, I need to make you aware that I’m African American and I was part of the #AlitaArmy before we adopted a hashtag. Many of us are not white and/or right wing. This was also ignored by Adam White. It’s not even possible for us to be “alt-right”. There are some people who have used Alita as a political protest against “woke propaganda” and some of those people have used the #AlitaArmy hashtag. When we spoke up and asked them not to use the hashtag in attacks against other movies or characters, they put up a fight. The good thing is that those people aren’t the core of #AlitaArmy; they eventually lose interest in the hashtag and move on.

The link to the Independent’s article as it currently appears follows. In the archived article, also linked below, my video was called an “attack video”. The archive proves that the article was altered numerous times to cover up the lies that have been told: 



We and the female journalist involved got off to a bumpy start but we sorted out our misunderstanding. We forgave each other and we’re on good terms, and we have been on good terms since then. Adam White did not bother to contact any member of the #AlitaArmy community that was involved, nor did he contact the female journalist whose name is Kylie Harringon. Kylie expressed her displeasure with The Independent on twitter. Here are links to her tweet and an archive of them: 



Ms. Harrington did finish her story with the interviews that she got from #AlitaArmy members and she published it with The Wrap. It’s also on Yahoo! Here are the links to the article she wrote and the archive:



And this is a link to a Twitter thread that has links to the full interviews in it:


So far, the Independent denies my request to them that they retract their smear piece and clear our name of any alt-right affiliation. I would like for this horrible stain on the #AlitaArmy community to be wiped away. Thank you.

Here are more links that you might find useful:

Kylie’s first tweet to #AlitaArmy: https://twitter.com/kylieisntfunny/status/1139639352634437632

Archive:  http://archive.today/DLXrM

Kylie’s tweet after finding my video: https://twitter.com/kylieisntfunny/status/1141213698196774912

Archive:  http://archive.today/X1nY5

Kylie’s video to #AlitaArmy apologizing for her offensive tweet: https://twitter.com/kylieisntfunny/status/1141361739801362432

Me making up with Kylie:  https://twitter.com/StarOfElyon/status/1141363813205336070

Archive:  http://archive.today/JRkHm