Forbes: ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Deserves A Sequel — And A Video Game

Erik Kain of Forbes finally got around to watching Alita, thanks to the film playing on HBO, and he is now a fan:

“Thank goodness I (watched Alita), finally. Better late than never, as they say. Though there’s a bitter-sweetness to the viewing: The movie ends with such a clear setup for a sequel, it’s almost unfathomable that we might not get one.”

“Disney has no reason not to make an Alita sequel. The movie made just under $405 million, which is a lot for an IP that’s relatively unknown.”

“Disney would be wise to diversify a little bit, and put some of its eggs into the Alita: Battle Angel basket. There’s rich soil for a new franchise here, with multiple sequels and spin-offs, including a video game spin-off.”

Erik Kain, Forbes

Read the entire article at the links below:–and-a-video-game/amp/?__twitter_impression=true–and-a-video-game/#193a483b5c31

If the above links don’t work, try this one:

Published by The #AlitaArmy

We are a community of Alita: Battle Angel fans who are dedicated to supporting Alita and Rosa Salazar POSITIVELY. If you want to help Alita get a sequel, the best way to do it is to be vocal, be active, and be positive. Being respectful to other fans and fan bases while using the "#AlitaArmy" hashtag will do #AlitaBattleAngel a lot of good. Alita needs us. We are all she's had for support.

5 thoughts on “Forbes: ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Deserves A Sequel — And A Video Game

  1. Erik Kain corrected his error of not seeing ABA and wrote a darn good article. Quote, “Disney has no reason not to make an Alita sequel.” From a fiscal and artistic viewpoint he is right. But there is a reason retailer chains rent market space at Piccadilly Circus, London or downtown Manhattan. They don’t mind huge losses at those costly spots because presence at prestigious places is worth losing money. Profit prospects (or lack thereof) isn’t the issue at Disney either. So money isn’t the reason Disney sidelines Alita. It’s because James Cameron owns the IP. And they hate that. They’d rather produce a new trash franchise, if they keep 100% under control. Not beating on Disney here, this is just how ppl in the business tick (well, if you are a big enough player).

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      1. It was (and is) important to leave no doubt on the financial aspect, though. So Disney has fewer and fewer rational arguments.


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