Unilad: Keean Johnson Wants An Alita: Battle Angel Sequel

“I’d love to watch another one – regardless of whether I’m in it.”

Keean also mentions the #AlitaArmy:

“Then the #AlitaArmy came along and they’re pretty die-hard.”

Read the entire article at the link below:


Published by The #AlitaArmy

We are a community of Alita: Battle Angel fans who are dedicated to supporting Alita and Rosa Salazar POSITIVELY. If you want to help Alita get a sequel, the best way to do it is to be vocal, be active, and be positive. Being respectful to other fans and fan bases while using the "#AlitaArmy" hashtag will do #AlitaBattleAngel a lot of good. Alita needs us. We are all she's had for support.

One thought on “Unilad: Keean Johnson Wants An Alita: Battle Angel Sequel

  1. I know I am pretty alone with my opinion. But to me the Alita/Hugo arc was everything but finished and actually just getting off the ground. So much devlopment untold. And Cameron said, in Science Fiction everything is possible.

    I’d be pleased to see Keean return, but I know only a small minory thinks this way. It would be more true to the source material, of course, I see. But it takes a hell of a time (1 more movie?) until a new love interest comes into play (Figure), who is even not that cool as Hugo (a bit of a blockhead, at least to me).

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