Forbes: 6 Action Epics To Stream Instead Of Walt Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Remake

“The dialogue is 90% exposition and the film’s idea of feminism is stuck in 1994, but the film works specifically because Alita herself is such an entertaining character.”

Scott Mendelson (Forbes)

Read the entire article at the link below:

Published by The #AlitaArmy

We are a community of Alita: Battle Angel fans who are dedicated to supporting Alita and Rosa Salazar POSITIVELY. If you want to help Alita get a sequel, the best way to do it is to be vocal, be active, and be positive. Being respectful to other fans and fan bases while using the "#AlitaArmy" hashtag will do #AlitaBattleAngel a lot of good. Alita needs us. We are all she's had for support.

2 thoughts on “Forbes: 6 Action Epics To Stream Instead Of Walt Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Remake

  1. The, quote “film’s idea of feminism” is more modern than today’s power play version of feminism. Could endlessly elaborate on this, but …whatever. Just sayin’.


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