Alita: Battle Angel is the #CellarPicks2019 Champion / Fundraiser to Fight Type-1 Diabetes

Alita fans rallied to bring Alita: Battle Angel from far behind John Wick in the final round in The Movie Cellar’s #CellarPicks2019 tournament. In a complete reversal, Alita won with 68.1% of a whopping 8,756 votes.

Shortly after the poll was finished, The Movie Cellar offered us an opportunity to donate to their fundraiser to find a cure for type-1 diabetes and have the “#AlitaArmy” attached to their show. We raised over $1000 in short time and The Movie Cellar has added our logo to their series banner. They will also have a show on Alita: Battle Angel. We’ve selected someone to be our representative on the show to discuss the movie and the manga that it’s adapted from.

This fundraiser is personal for one of The Movie Cellar’s members named Dan who has a daughter afflicted with type-1 diabetes. From their fundraiser page:

“Lily lives with T1D, which means that her pancreas does not produce the insulin she needs to convert her food into energy for her body. A T1D diagnosis means that you will spend the rest of your life constantly checking your blood sugar levels, monitoring your food intake, and having to take insulin, and there are no days off. It’s a lot of work for anyone, especially a little girl trying to just live her life and have fun with her friends.”

We want to help Dan and his daughter Lily in any way we can so we will share their fundraiser and ask you to please consider donating if you can. Funds go to the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). Click the image below to go to the fundraiser:

Help us fight Type-1 Diabetes for Lily! Click the image above to go to the fundraiser.

UPDATE (April 24, 2020): The Movie Cellar episode on Alita: Battle Angel has aired – hear them talk with @OptimizticOzzie about Alita and Type-1 Diabetes. Visit the blog page by clicking the image below:

Published by The #AlitaArmy

We are a community of Alita: Battle Angel fans who are dedicated to supporting Alita and Rosa Salazar POSITIVELY. If you want to help Alita get a sequel, the best way to do it is to be vocal, be active, and be positive. Being respectful to other fans and fan bases while using the "#AlitaArmy" hashtag will do #AlitaBattleAngel a lot of good. Alita needs us. We are all she's had for support.

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