Buy the 1/4 Scale Prime 1 Studio “Alita Beserker” Statue Now

【Buy Now!!】 天使が戦士に覚醒める。記憶も身体も無くした少女『#アリータ』!運命に立ち向かう彼女を渾身の立体化!! 「通常版」と「DX版」の2種類が入荷済み。

Translation: “[Buy Now !!] An angel awakens to a warrior. A girl who lost her memory and body #アリータ ]! Three-dimensional body of her to confront destiny! ! Two types of “normal version” and “DX version” have already arrived.”

Visit Prime 1 Studio to order the Berserker statue:

Published by The #AlitaArmy

We are a community of Alita: Battle Angel fans who are dedicated to supporting Alita and Rosa Salazar POSITIVELY. If you want to help Alita get a sequel, the best way to do it is to be vocal, be active, and be positive. Being respectful to other fans and fan bases while using the "#AlitaArmy" hashtag will do #AlitaBattleAngel a lot of good. Alita needs us. We are all she's had for support.

4 thoughts on “Buy the 1/4 Scale Prime 1 Studio “Alita Beserker” Statue Now

  1. Know it’s not 100% on-topic, but…

    Regarding the fantastic Alita bust made by Queen Studios: Alita is in her Berserker body, but her face, to me, resembles the one she had while attached to the doll/cyber girl body. Plus, the dog blood on her face was applied pre-berserker body. It’s a fairly subtle difference, yet I feel it’s there.

    Just wondering, does anyone else notice this or feel that way?

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    1. a) Well, her face is her face. Regardless of being in Ido’s cyber girl body or Berserker body, isn’t it?
      b) I guess(!) she takes on the poor’s dog blood to mourn it’s death, keep the connection, and as a sign of resistance. Also it’s an imitation of her former metal protection from her previous war life. And this could transform as a general sign of rebellion – raggery – she uses after losing the doll/cyber girl body.


      1. Thanks for the comment!

        I don’t know, I guess when I look at it, some kind of disconnect is formed in my mind. A minor flaw in an otherwise flawless product.


  2. @AlitaBaker
    Yeah, agreed, both products – statue and (especially!) bust – are pretty cool. Would give a toe for the bust, but my gf would kill me.
    And it’s always fun sharing thoughts on ABA/Gunnm. Wish the AlitaArmy would put up an Alita-forum, but they are working their fingers to the bone already.


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