David Sobolov will be signing an Alita print at a virtual convention

@AlitaArmy @AlitaMovie fans… Hope to see you Saturday at 1pm Pacific, live on Instagram @volobos – I'll be signing this print for Alita fans and answering your questions. Preorder at https://t.co/H7z4XkiF0U @StreamilyLive pic.twitter.com/R3VKsrjlAl — David Sobolov (@volobos) August 17, 2020

#AlitaArtContest 2020

Since 9/9 is #AlitaAppreciationDay (#AlitaDay) again, we want to call all fans of #AlitaBattleAngel and all members of #AlitaArmy to create beautiful #Alita related art. Post with the hashtag: #AlitaArtContest – the best piece will be picked as the winner. No prize – but love and joy. RULES: Art must be submitted by 9PM UTCContinue reading “#AlitaArtContest 2020”

Blogdojotace: FINALLY! Alita: Battle Angel Favorite on DVD and Blu-ray in Brazil!

“After being swallowed by the black hole of the Disney – FOX merger, Alita: Combat Angel, X-Men: Black Phoenix  and The Favorite FINALLY come out of limbo and arrive on DVD and Blu-ray here in Brazilian lands. And that was a fight that started there in 2019.“ FINALMENTE! Alita: Anjo de Combate, X-Men: Fênix Negra e A Favorita em DVD e Blu-ray noContinue reading “Blogdojotace: FINALLY! Alita: Battle Angel Favorite on DVD and Blu-ray in Brazil!”

Thank You For Helping To Make The #AlitaSequel Trending Event On July 23rd A Success

The following screenshot was taken around the middle of the day when we had almost 12,000 “#AlitaSequel” tweets in total. Some good articles on the trend can be read at the links below: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/3az59n/the-alita-battle-angel-army-is-rampaging-through-twitter https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2550916/why-today-is-a-big-day-for-the-fans-to-push-for-an-alita-battle-angel-sequel https://comicbook.com/anime/news/alite-sequel-trending-twitter-anime-manga/?__twitter_impression=true

Help the Alita Army Trend Again July 23, 2020!

Event start: Thursday, July 23, 2020. 07:00 AM EST (11:00 UTC). Hashtag: #/AlitaSequel Countdown: https://countingdownto.com/?c=3112643 IMPORTANT: Use ONLY ONE hashtag. Do not use before event start. There’s no mandate to tag any particular party. You may continue to tag either @DisneyStudios, @20thcentury, @jonlandau, or @JimCameron if you wish. If you would prefer to get theContinue reading “Help the Alita Army Trend Again July 23, 2020!”

The Queen Studios Alita: Battle Angel Bust Is Officially Available For Pre-orders

A certain Angel is officially on pre-order! https://t.co/jkKUFt6sfl Sorry for the delays! #alitabattleangel #queenstudios — Queen Studios (@studios_queen) July 10, 2020 See more at the following link: https://queenstudios.shop/collections/alita-battle-angel/products/queen-studios-alita-battle-angel-1-1-special-edition-bust

Cinemablend: Could An Alita: Battle Angel Sequel Find A Home At A Different Studio?

“… folks think that since Emma Watts and Jim Gianopulos kept Alita: Battle Angel alive for so long at their previous employer, they could pull a rabbit out of their collective hat and bring the project to Paramount.” Read the entire article at the link below: https://amp.cinemablend.com/news/2549736/could-an-alita-battle-angel-sequel-find-a-home-at-a-different-studio