Cinemablend: Dredd And 8 Other Underrated Hero Movies

“Some of them came well before this era of hero movies, some came out smack dab in the middle and got lost in the mix.” “Alita: Battle Angel (2019) If you’re someone who frequents the online film community, you’re well familiar with the fact there’s an army of people fully on board with Alita: Battle Angel.” Read moreContinue reading “Cinemablend: Dredd And 8 Other Underrated Hero Movies”

Who are the greatest film directors of all time? VOTE!

Let’s give James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez some votes. Realistically, Cameron has a better chance of winning so list him as #1. But put Robert Rodriguez high on your list as well. Vote at the following link:

Alita: Battle Angel Will Be Leaving HBO Max In September

As always, the month of September will feature the exit of several popular titles. Among the departures include recent films like A Star is Born, Alita: Battle Angel, Bohemian Rhapsody. The service will also be saying goodbye to popular classics such as Space Jam, Gremlins, Apocalypse Now, Saving Private Ryan, and The Exorcist. After all the controversy with Blazing Saddles, HBO Max will additionallyContinue reading “Alita: Battle Angel Will Be Leaving HBO Max In September”

Radio KAOS Ep #030: Space Elevators – Hard Science or Only Sci-Fi?

Join us Saturday, August 29 at 5:00 pm EST (9:00 pm UTC) on the Alita Army live-stream Radio KAOS! We’ll be discussing the space elevators of Battle Angel Alita. Do you believe a Space Elevator is even possible? If so, how would we do it? Answer at the tweet below:

Send Postcards To Rosa Salazar for Alita Appreciation Day (September 9)

Okay guys time for me to annoy everybody for a week. 9-9, Alita Day, postcards to Rosa. Internet polls are fine, but I doubt her PR team watches them. They know this is coming. We’ve got to show up. ATTN: Rosa Salazar ID PR 7060 Hollywood Blvd 8th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90028 The easiestContinue reading “Send Postcards To Rosa Salazar for Alita Appreciation Day (September 9)”

Alita: Battle Angel Is Eliminated From The Greatest Movie Of All Time Tournament

With 54.1% of the votes, Uncut Gems moves on to the Finals in the Bombs Bracket. The creator of the poll made a statement shortly before the poll closed: “Since I can’t imagine anything is going to turn this around in the last minute, I’d just like to congratulate the #AlitaArmy on an incredible runContinue reading “Alita: Battle Angel Is Eliminated From The Greatest Movie Of All Time Tournament”