The 2nd #AlitaSequel Trending Campaign

Alita: Battle Angel deserves a sequel! Help us trend again! Let the world know you want more Alita! Event start: Thursday. February 6, 2020. 07:00 AM EST (1200 UTC). Hashtag: (#)AlitaSequel Who to tag (at least): @DisneyStudios @20thCentury Don’t forget to also use the hashtag when retweeting as well. Tell the world why and howContinue reading “The 2nd #AlitaSequel Trending Campaign”

A Day To Show How Much You #LoveAlita

#AlitaAnniversary Many of you might remember the celebration & postcard event that we had for #AlitaDay, a.k.a. #AlitaAppreciationDay (September 9). We want to have a similar event for February 14, the anniversary of the Alita: Battle Angel movie release. It’s time to show Jim Cameron how much you #LoveAlita Eddie McTrigger, the orchestrator of theContinue reading “A Day To Show How Much You #LoveAlita”

Help Us Give An Amputee A Hand

Disclaimer: “The Alita Army” is not officially affiliated with either Open Bionics, Tilly Lockey, or the makers of Alita: Battle Angel. Some background: As fans of Alita: Battle Angel, we started a campaign to show how passionate we are as a fan base and to give the film studios faith that an Alita sequel willContinue reading “Help Us Give An Amputee A Hand”

Banner Campaign – Open Bionics Charity Update

by Max D, Team Member Continued thanks for all your support! We’re closing in on $6,000 now and everything beyond the flight and banner goes to Open Bionics to give bionic limbs to amputees. Please continue to share the campaign. By the time all costs are considered a bionic limb costs £10,000 per limb (US$13,000) soContinue reading “Banner Campaign – Open Bionics Charity Update”

#AlitaSequel Banner Campaign Update

by Max D, #AlitaSequel Banner Campaign Team Member A lot has happened in the last 20 hours! We launched yesterday around 7PM EST. About three hours later (around 10:00PM EST) we had already raised $2,366 blowing past our goal to fund a banner to fly #AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy over the Oscars, and well into our stretch goalContinue reading “#AlitaSequel Banner Campaign Update”

#AlitaSequel Banner Over the 92nd Oscars / Charity Drive

Please read carefully: To show how passionate the Alita: Battle Angel fan base is and to give the film studios faith that an Alita sequel will be successful, we want to fly a banner with “#AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy” over the red carpet at the Academy Awards for three hours. The quote we have for the bannerContinue reading “#AlitaSequel Banner Over the 92nd Oscars / Charity Drive”

The Alita Army on YouTube Announcement: RADIO KAOS (January 11, 2020 05:00 PM GMT)

by @Foxfire40900590 Why are we so passionate about Alita? It’s because we don’t stand by in the absence of a sequel. This is the voice of the Badlands. Radio K.A.O.S Subscribe to our channel to support the mission (click on the poster to go the channel)

The Alita Sequel Petition

Do these petitions help? Here’s what Cinemablend says: “The petition started by Phillip Grube was created when Alita was in its second weekend in theaters with the express goal of demonstrating to the powers that be like James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez that there was enough fan interest and desire to make a sequel film.Continue reading “The Alita Sequel Petition”