The Movie Cellar Presents: The Alita Episode!

The Movie Cellar: “THE ALITA EPISODE!!! Here it is, Cellar Dwellers, the long awaited, awesome mega super special bonus episode celebrating our awesome friends, Kings of #VHS4T1D, Gods of the Show, #AlitaArmy! Huge thanks to @OptimizticOzzie for joining us to talk Alita, T1D, and more! #PodNation” Listen at the following links: (Spotify) (Apple) reading “The Movie Cellar Presents: The Alita Episode!”

“Suck My (Fan) Fic.” Podcast Discusses Alita: Battle Angel After The Movie Cellar Poll

As a result of the Alita vs John Wick poll, “suck my (fan) fic.” podcast have discussed Alita: Battle Angel. They have promised to make a part 2 because one of the podcast members is interested in watching Alita: Battle Angel now. Tweet quote: “our newest episode is finally out now!thanks to The Movie CellarContinue reading ““Suck My (Fan) Fic.” Podcast Discusses Alita: Battle Angel After The Movie Cellar Poll”

Help us trend #WatchAlita

Alita: Battle Angel is criminally overlooked! Help us get the word out by trending. Event start: Saturday, April 25, 2020. 07:00 AM EST (11:00 UTC). Hashtag: (#)WatchAlita Countdown: Rules: Only use one hashtag. Do not use before event start. Follow @AlitaArmy on Twitter for updates. Not only will we be trying to trend thatContinue reading “Help us trend #WatchAlita”

The Rosa Salazar Appreciation Campaign

Thank you Rosa Salazar being our Battle Angel and putting your heart into this role. We want to show our appreciation to Rosa Salazar who played the title character in the film Alita: Battle Angel. Our goal is to buy a Queen Studios  1:1 Life-Size Alita: Battle Angel bust for Rosa and have it presented toContinue reading “The Rosa Salazar Appreciation Campaign”

Alita: Battle Angel is the #CellarPicks2019 Champion / Fundraiser to Fight Type-1 Diabetes

Alita fans rallied to bring Alita: Battle Angel from far behind John Wick in the final round in The Movie Cellar’s #CellarPicks2019 tournament. In a complete reversal, Alita won with 68.1% of a whopping 8,756 votes. Shortly after the poll was finished, The Movie Cellar offered us an opportunity to donate to their fundraiser toContinue reading “Alita: Battle Angel is the #CellarPicks2019 Champion / Fundraiser to Fight Type-1 Diabetes”