Twitter Movies Throws Alita: Battle Angel and the Alita Army some love… or shade?

Out of the blue, Twitter Movies calls out the way Alita: Battle Angel is promoted by the #AlitaArmy everywhere, every day. This is a massive shout out but it could also be a bit of shade. Either way, the Alita Army took the opportunity to show positive love and support for Alita.

The #AlitaArmyAnniversary

March 18 (or even 17 based on your time zone), 2019 is when we started going by “the Alita Army” and using the hashtag “#AlitaArmy”. Even before we took up the name, we were a group of fans fervently supporting and promoting the Alita: Battle Angel movie. We’ll be around for as long as AlitaContinue reading “The #AlitaArmyAnniversary”

The #AlitaSequel Banner & Arms For An Amputee Fundraiser Has Fully Funded And Closed

We’ve made our funding goal on the last day of the campaign. It’s been a great and memorable two months. Who knew we could fly a banner over the Oscars and give an amputee a prosthetic arm? The latter has yet to take place but with the funding met, it’s going to happen. The recipientContinue reading “The #AlitaSequel Banner & Arms For An Amputee Fundraiser Has Fully Funded And Closed”

#AlitaAnniversary Weekend Celebration

We are celebrating the one year anniversary of the opening weekend of Alita: Battle Angel. The celebration has already kicked off on Twitter. Make sure that you use this opportunity to remember all the fun you had being an Alita “Stan” and holding on to hope – against all odds – that Alita will getContinue reading “#AlitaAnniversary Weekend Celebration”

The #AlitaSequel Banner Flies – Jon Landau responds and Rosa Salazar reacts

After a successful flight, undeterred by less than ideal weather, many people took to Twitter to share their reactions to the “#AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy” banner flying high above their city. One such person was the famous YouTube vlogger, Jessica Chobot: Jessica Chobot wasn’t the only famous person to react – Elle Lamont, the actress who playedContinue reading “The #AlitaSequel Banner Flies – Jon Landau responds and Rosa Salazar reacts”

The 2nd #AlitaSequel Trending Campaign

Alita: Battle Angel deserves a sequel! Help us trend again! Let the world know you want more Alita! Event start: Thursday. February 6, 2020. 07:00 AM EST (1200 UTC). Hashtag: (#)AlitaSequel Who to tag (at least): @DisneyStudios @20thCentury Don’t forget to also use the hashtag when retweeting as well. Tell the world why and howContinue reading “The 2nd #AlitaSequel Trending Campaign”

A Day To Show How Much You #LoveAlita

#AlitaAnniversary Many of you might remember the celebration & postcard event that we had for #AlitaDay, a.k.a. #AlitaAppreciationDay (September 9). We want to have a similar event for February 14, the anniversary of the Alita: Battle Angel movie release. It’s time to show Jim Cameron how much you #LoveAlita Eddie McTrigger, the orchestrator of theContinue reading “A Day To Show How Much You #LoveAlita”