The Fundraiser For Feeding America and Action Against Hunger Has Ended.

$2,524 was raised and donated to feed the hungry. Thank you for your generous donations. You can continue to buy supplies for the homeless through an Amazon wishlist. See more details at the following link:

Trending Campaign For #AlitaFallenAngel On June 4th Canceled

From @dennis_won: “Hey, #AlitaArmy, we have decided to cancel our Trending Push on June 4th at 1100 UTC for #/AlitaFallenAngel to honor a fallen man. There is a right time for everything, now is the time to mourn for the loss of a precious life and to stand together. We honor #GeorgeFloyd” See what youContinue reading “Trending Campaign For #AlitaFallenAngel On June 4th Canceled”

Cinemablend Covers The Alita Army’s “#AlitaSequel” Billboard & Charity

“Part of the billboard’s message is indeed raising awareness for the #AlitaSequel campaign, but there’s another very important message. With Alita: Battle Angel star Rosa Salazar taking part in philanthropic efforts to battle the current health crisis, the Alita Army is planning to donate from this new fundraiser to the charities Feeding America and Action Against Hunger.”Continue reading “Cinemablend Covers The Alita Army’s “#AlitaSequel” Billboard & Charity”

Feed the hungry and help people in need!

The current health crisis (global pandemic) and the shutdowns associated with slowing the spread have lead to job losses and financial hardship in many parts of the world. Food, water, and shelter – the basics of living – are unavailable to those in hardship. This happens in the US as well as in many otherContinue reading “Feed the hungry and help people in need!”

Get Alita: Battle Angel released on Blu-ray in Brazil

UPDATE: The campaign to have Alita: Battle Angel’s blu-rays distributed in Brazil has been a success. See the news here: Sign the petition to get Alita: Battle Angel Blu-rays released in Brazil: From the petition description, written by Matheus Simon (translated): Unfortunately the release of Alita: Combat Angel’s DVD, Blu-ray or Steelbook did notContinue reading “Get Alita: Battle Angel released on Blu-ray in Brazil”

Help the Alita Army trend again!

UPDATE: The event has been canceled to honor those mourning the unjust death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department. Event start: Thursday, June 4, 2020. 07:00 AM EST (11:00 UTC). Hashtag: #AlitaFallenAngel Countdown: IMPORTANT: Use ONLY ONE hashtag. Do not use before event start. This is part ofContinue reading “Help the Alita Army trend again!”

The #AlitaSequel US Billboard Campaign

From @Foxfire40900590: There is a good chance that #AlitaSequel talks will happen at Disney soon. The news coverage this week indicated this. That alone might not be reason enough to get exited. But Jon Landau also shared on his Instagram a word of encouragement and reinforced his wish for the sequel. All of that isContinue reading “The #AlitaSequel US Billboard Campaign”

The Alita Army is sponsoring Tilly Lockey’s biographical animation project

Tilly Lockey was having her life-story put into an animated video by Minute Videos but due to a lack of funding caused by COVID-19 needs help with funding the second part. She requests your help in the video below: Update: The fundraiser has reached its goal and has been deactivated. Thank you for your generosity.Continue reading “The Alita Army is sponsoring Tilly Lockey’s biographical animation project”

Dolby Cinema Ask What You Would Like To See In Theaters Again!

Go let them know you want to see Alita: Battle Angel again! QUESTION FOR OUR ✨SUPER✨ DOLBY FANS: What would you like to discover AGAIN in Dolby Cinema? Tell us what movie you'd love to experience in #DolbyAtmos and #DolbyVision ONE 👏 MORE👏TIME👏 — Dolby Cinema (@DolbyCinema) May 19, 2020