Emma Watts has resigned as chief of 20th Century (Fox) Studios

The Hollywood Reporter: “Emma Watts has resigned as chief of 20th Century Studios less than a year after the Disney merger closed in March 2019.

Her existing team remains in place at 20th Century and a successor is expected to be named in the coming weeks.”

“I am writing to you today to share that, after much reflection, I’ve made the difficult decision to step away from Twentieth Century,” Watts said in a note sent to staff Thursday morning.

“Over the past many months, it has been my top priority to continue to foster great filmmaking while leading this team successfully through the integration period with Disney. After reaching this point, I approached [Walt Disney Studios co-chairmen] Alan [Horn] and Alan [Bergman], realizing that it was now time for me to pursue new opportunities,” she continued.

The Hollywood Reporter

It’s interesting to see what Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has to say about her departure:

“Deadpool would never have happened without Emma Watts. And certainly wouldn’t have been as good.

James Cameron said:

It’s hard to imagine Fox without Emma. Her creative input and support were invaluable on Avatar, and even more so on the sequels. She deeply understands movies in her DNA — how they work, what’s wrong when it’s not working, how to fix it.

Steven Spielberg said:

Emma is a studio executive in title, but a filmmaker at heart. Her support and willingness to take risks is what this business has always thrived on.


So what does this mean for Cameron and the potential for an Alita sequel at 20th Century Pictures and Disney?

Cinemablend Boosts Alita In Its Report On Robert Rodriguez’s Red 11

It’s not about the #AlitaSequel but this Cinemablend article on Robert Rodriguez’s “Red11” still manages to give Alita: Battle Angel plenty of needed boost. Unfortunately, the title of this article has caused some confusion: some people have begun saying that the Alita sequel will be streamed because they didn’t actually read the article. This needs to be made clear so that people will stop running with misinformation.

“Of course, when you talk about Robert Rodriguez’s Alita: Battle Angel follow-up, many fans are hoping that you are talking about an Alita sequel.

There is no word on a sequel yet, but producer Jon Landau suggests that the Alita Army keep letting Disney know how bad we want to see Alita 2 and maybe one day it will happen.”


“Red 11” and “The Robert Rodriguez Film School” will stream on Tubi this summer in North America.


Alita: Battle Angel Wins A Lumiere Award For Best Use Of HDR

“The Advanced Imaging Society presented its 11th annual Lumiere Awards for creative and technical achievement in features, TV and emerging media on Wednesday night at Warner Bros. Studios… honorees included Alita: Battle Angel (use of HDR).”


Gamespace.com: 10 Cyberpunk Movies To Watch While Waiting For Cyberpunk 2077

“Alita: Battle Angel maybe a little light on plot but it more than makes up for it with excellent fight scenes… (Alita) holds true to the old idiom ‘never judge a book by its cover.” https://www.gamespace.com/featured/10-cyberpunk-movies-to-watch-while-waiting-for-cyberpunk-2077/amp/

Rosa Salazar Wins A Latino Entertainment Journalists Association Award

Best Voice/Motion Capture Perf.

WINNER: Rosa Salazar, “Alita: Battle Angel”

#YoSoyLEJA #LEJAFilmAwards