The Alita Army is sponsoring Tilly Lockey’s biographical animation project

Tilly Lockey was having her life-story put into an animated video by Minute Videos but due to a lack of funding caused by COVID-19 needs help with funding the second part. She requests your help in the video below:

Update: The fundraiser has reached its goal and has been deactivated. Thank you for your generosity.

UPDATE: (9-11-2020) Here’s part one of Tilly’s video by Minute Videos.

UPDATE (10-9-20): The 2nd part of Tilly’s video is here. Please like and share the video. Thank you!

Dolby Cinema Ask What You Would Like To See In Theaters Again!

Go let them know you want to see Alita: Battle Angel again!

Jon Landau Sends An Alita Sequel Message To The Alita Army

Jon Landau posted on Instagram a picture of himself wearing a shirt that read “Wash Your Hands” and “I Want A Sequel”. This shows that the prospect of an Alita sequel is not dead and it motivates us to keep pushing.

Landau’s post on Instagram

In his post, he says: “Here’s to The Alita Army and all of the fans of Alita: Battle Angel. Hope you are staying healthy and safe.”

Update 4/21: We later noticed that, on Facebook, Jon Landau tagged both the official Alita movie account and “the #AlitaArmy” Facebook page in his post. Him putting a direct link to the Alita Army page is as good of an endorsement as it can get.

Update 4/22: Cinemablend has reported on this and encouraged us to keep pushing for a sequel.

“Much as the Alita Army has in the past, it’s the right time for Alita: Battle Angel’s fans to keep raising the profile of this potential sequel.”

Read more at the following link:

!!!RUMOR!!! Disney’s Reportedly Seriously Considering An Alita: Battle Angel Sequel

We Got This Covered

“According to our sources – the same ones who told us a Percy Jackson TV show is in the works and that live-action remakes of Robin Hood and Bambi are in development, all of which were correct – the studio are now reportedly considering green-lighting an Alita sequel. The higher-ups have noticed both the strong home video sales and a passionate fanbase that’s only getting bigger, which has led to discussions behind the scenes on returning to the 26th Century for another outing.”

Read the entire article at the link below:

UPDATE: According to the same source, Disney is also considering an Alita prequel series for Disney+. Read about that here:

Rosa Salazar’s Charity Work During COVID-19 Pandemic

Rosa Salazar has been doing charity work over the past week and making mention of it in her Instagram stories. In the picture below, we see her carrying bags of food for homeless people:

Since she shared this information, people had begun inquiring about how they could help. And so Rosa posted directions in an Instagram post (seen below):

“Yooooo! I’ve been getting a lot of DMs from people asking me how they can help the homeless, which is very refreshing because it isn’t the sort of question I’m used to getting in my DMs 😂 Anyway, here is the simplest way to help: Click the link in my bio to be directed to an amazon wishlist, there you can buy essential items for those in need and I will personally guarantee that your gifts make it into their hands! Thank you for your generosity! Shoutout to @sennettd who’s wishlist it is and shoutout to @afuturesuperhero & @cherylhelps & @mrcheckpoint_ for doing the damn thing every single day—COVID-19 or not. ❤️ ***PLEASE PURCHASE A TENT IF YOU CAN***”

Rosa Salazar

If you would like to participate, the link to the Amazon wish-list follows:

Rosa Salazar Has A Special Request For The Alita Army

Rosa posted an Instagram story Tuesday, May 5th (Cinco de Mayo), requesting the Alita Army assist her in supporting the work of Karla Cornejo Villavicencio (@kcornv), the author of The Undocumented Americans. If you can help her in the way that she has asked, she will share your posts.

I have typed out the words from the image so that people can translate it into the language that they prefer:

“Dear #alitaarmy

If the themes of opporesion and class conflict in @alitamovie fire you up and you agree that we “should not stand by in the presence of evil” and all you wanna do is kick major bad guy ass but you can’t because unfortunately you aren’t a cute cyborg–follow these steps:

Swipe up.

Read or listen to @kcornv’s book:


Support our sister/warrior by writing a positive review and spreading the word.

Bonus round:

Send me a pic of you reading Karla’s book and I’ll post it, send me a screenshot of your review of Karla’s book and I’ll post it, send me a video of you scream-reading Karla’s book from your porch so all your neighbors can hear and I’ll DEFINITELY post it.

Karla’s work is important to me and not because I have some financial stake (I don’t know the author personally) but because I am the daughter of an immigrant, because I’m bi, because I’m a fucking human being and because I dig her punk rock style.



Rosa Salazar

Rosa also shared an Instagram post from the author of the book:

The post is transcribed below:

“My book The Undocumented Americans is fiercely adored by Latinx children of migrant readers and undocumented readers but I’m having a hard time being covered in media. Part COVID part je se sais quoi. I’ve had exactly ONE review. Does anyone want to write about it or me? Every mainstream publication has a copy. Latinx and undoc readers are screaming about it into a void that everyone is ignoring. I still believe I am Fiona Apple at the 1997 VMAs and I think this world is bullshit and everyone is in it for ego. But my READERS send me DMs saying this is the first time they’ve felt truly represented and they didn’t know they were wallowed to feel this way. This is not about me. I’ve been hiding under my blankets for weeks because I’ve had to do like 3 fucking podcasts. I want to know why, when MIGRANTS SPEAK, YOU DONT LISTEN.”

Karla Cornejo Villavicencio

The Undocumented Americans is available on Amazon in Kindle, Audiobook, and Hardcover formats.