Rosa Salazar’s Charity Work During COVID-19 Pandemic

Rosa Salazar has been doing charity work over the past week and making mention of it in her Instagram stories. In the picture below, we see her carrying bags of food for homeless people:

Since she shared this information, people had begun inquiring about how they could help. And so Rosa posted directions in an Instagram post (seen below):

“Yooooo! I’ve been getting a lot of DMs from people asking me how they can help the homeless, which is very refreshing because it isn’t the sort of question I’m used to getting in my DMs 😂 Anyway, here is the simplest way to help: Click the link in my bio to be directed to an amazon wishlist, there you can buy essential items for those in need and I will personally guarantee that your gifts make it into their hands! Thank you for your generosity! Shoutout to @sennettd who’s wishlist it is and shoutout to @afuturesuperhero & @cherylhelps & @mrcheckpoint_ for doing the damn thing every single day—COVID-19 or not. ❤️ ***PLEASE PURCHASE A TENT IF YOU CAN***”

Rosa Salazar

If you would like to participate, the link to the Amazon wish-list follows:

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